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9/9/11... I've been pretty bad about fulfilling people's requests (though I haven't received many). I'm going to make another little section on the website at some point that lists the requests people have made. It's mainly so I have a place to remind myself what has been asked of me since .txt files tend to get lost on my computer... so far, I have a request for "Beast" by Agnes Obel. Also, I plan on finishing up the transcription of "Fletta" (Antony/Bjork) at some point.

9/7/11... I'm doing a piano transcription of Kaki King's "Doing the Wrong Thing" (I've been learning it on guitar but I'm not very good). I know that I need to get back on the train, if only to finish the four songs I had started last Fall - I have lost a lot of steam in terms of willingness to transcribe things. I haven't been in a Joanna mood for awhile, so that makes it hard to work. I need to push through and at least finish the ones that I've started - then I won't feel so bad if it takes me years to start up again. In other news, my trip to Arizona resulted in song-y funtimes, but my friends kept delaying recording stuff so we never actually did. Hopefully next time (if there is a next time)?

8/10/11... I'm traveling to Arizona next week to see some old friends, perform Terry Riley's "In C" (he is Joanna's next-door neighbor, by the way), and TOY SYMPHONY is getting back together to do some covers and hopefully write some new songs. The personnel has changed slightly, and I think for the better. It'll be fun!

7/25/11... I deleted the JNTP tumblr and will be posting updates exclusively on this website. It's really more out of convenience - I like having it all streamlined!

7/23/11... Obviously I have not accomplished much with the website since Thanksgiving. It hasn't interested me in the way that it used to, and I've been going along for a few months now without listening to any Joanna Newsom music at all (I basically listened non-stop for like 4 years). I'd like to think that I'll pick it up again someday, but it may be a long while before that happens.

7/22/11... This is my first attempt at adding an "updates" section directly into the website. It probably needs some tweaking!


Walnut Whales (2002), Yarn and Glue (2003)

  • Erin: harp | piano | in C
  • Peach, Plumb, Pear: +++
  • Flying A Kite: +++
  • The Fray: harp | piano | in C
  • Yarn And Glue: +++

    The Milk-Eyed Mender (2004)


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